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About Pesky People

I am Pesky People – this blog aims to profile the lack of proper access by Disabled and Deaf people on the web, inform, complain, campaign.

Why? Digital access is a human right (UN 2006).

Pesky People is also going to be a campaigning website being developed to highlight how to complain about terrible access to websites. It will inform people of their rights, giving creative means to complain. It will cause trouble, it will change habits, it will empower. It will be fun. It’s totally run by Deaf and Disabled people. Please support us … contact me.

So who am I really? Alison Smith, Deaf arts consultant, performance poet, fundraiser, mentor, project manager, disability awareness trainer, access consultant, poetry workshop leader, feisty Scot, fairground traveller, also disabled, I tick many boxes.

Likes: digital gadgets, reading, knitting, going to gigs (when I can lipread @ the front), walking my dogs, writing and performing my poetry, human rights

Favourite shows: CSI, Coronation Street, Dr Who.

Films: must be subtitled otherwise I won’t bother … The Station Agent, 12 Monkeys, Barbette’s Feast, Cinema Paradiso, Spirited Away (anything by Miyazaki), All about my Mother. Childhood favourites: Jungle Book, Grease, Pretty in Pink..

Dislikes: injustice in any shape or form, Disabled/Deaf discrimination, racisim in any form, litter/flytiping bugs, complaining because I do a good Victor Meldrew impression

Twitter me: @alisonvsmith @peskypeople

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  1. 22/09/2009 19:51

    Hi Alison

    Do you know about TheFED London MiniFest & are you planning to come?

    Saturday 21st November 2009

    Faraday House, Old Gloucester Street, Holborn.

    A day or writing, performing & publishing workshops, networking, performance & readings etc.

    Only £15 including lunch!

    Go to for further info & to book you place 🙂

    • 23/09/2009 14:19

      Hi Ashley,

      How are you? Wow nice to get your message!

      No didn’t know about TheFED minifest – yes I want to be there and will join up. Email me your details so I have a way of contacting you (or find me on facebook).

      Sending best wishes

  2. Lucia permalink
    17/10/2009 20:23

    Hi Alison, Great to have a look at Pesky People, and glad you are hoping to get to our Fed Minifest…it should be another action packed amazing day. I think I only met you once or twice at a FedFest…somewhere in Liverpool or Sheffield…See you soon…Love..Lucia x

  3. 23/10/2009 09:36

    Congratulations on your impact on the social media scene. You’re in my RSS reader.

  4. 10/02/2010 13:53

    This is a great initiave and I am behind you all the way….

    ruth x

  5. 06/04/2010 11:54

    Great website
    have a look at the working parts blog

  6. Barry Wooding permalink
    22/04/2010 11:27

    Hi Alison

    I met you recently at St. Cecilia’s Cheshire home in Bromley. I was very inspired by the work you are doing and together with my colleagues on the Acess for All, Bromley campaign we have found that talking to campaigners such as yourself, progress can be made in respect of better access for the disabled etc. We had a meeting on Monday [19th] and are feeling very positive about our current campaign and any new ones for the future.

    Thanks again for your help on monday the 12th April at St. Cecilia’s


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